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Body formatting tag coming on top of the deployed report.

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harsh.naik Posted: Fri, Apr 11 2008 8:20 AM

Hi All,

I have been developing reports using SSRS 2005 for some time now. Most of the reports are simple. I have made one new report, which is though simple, but because of the type of data coming in, I had to use many tables, lables and matrixes as the data we had was complex and difficult to retrieve in one constant dataset, which can be given to a table.

I just gave a background of the report, but my main problem is some formatting text which comes on the top of the delpoyed report. This formatting information which is visible on the top is the report body's information. I have deployed this report and have called the report server from my custom page using the report viewer control. This text is not shown in the report designer preview mode or in the report server. When I see the HTML output, I can see that the <div> tag is not closed, which may be the cause of the problem. The text displayed on top is like ".A2e22e3b81717404a9dc49d44ea4cadf61{border:1pt Solid Black;background-color:Transparent;background-repeat:Repeat;padding-left:0pt;padding-top:0pt;padding-right:0pt;padding-bottom:0pt;}".

 Please guide me, if any one has some information as how to get rid of this. I dont have any problem because of it, but its just annoying seeing this at the top.

Thanks in anticipation,


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tlachev replied on Fri, Apr 11 2008 9:41 PM

Could you prepare a test report that demonstrates the issue, zip it, and attach it to this thread? Does this issue happen when viewing the report in Report Manager?

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Thanks a lot, but I got it solved. Actually there were a few extra fields which were interfering, which had got hidden behind other controls, which were causing this issue. I copied everything into a new report and then tried, which helped me to solve the problem.

And yes, it was working perfectly fine when running in the report manager.

 Thanks anyways for offering to help.

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